Sunday, 29 March 2015

Smoothie Competition

 Image result for smoothie clip art

As the culmination to our nutrition unit in Health and Career Education, we had a smoothie making contest.  The goal was to find recipes that provided servings of fruits/veggies and dairy, didn't have added sugar and tasted delicious!

Students worked in pairs to find recipes they felt best met the criteria.  They then created posters to advertise their smoothies.  Next, everyone got to vote on their favourites.  Finally, as a class, we taste tested the top four vote-getters to crown the ultimate smoothie champion of Division 9!

Unfortunately, Ms. Birdsall was so busy blending up delicious smoothie goodness, she forgot to take any pictures of our taste testing!  It was lots of fun though, and all of our finalists were really tasty.  In the end, Jonas and Erika's Sweet Summer Smoothie, featuring strawberries, peaches and bananas was declared the winner.

If you would like to try out any of the smoothies for yourself, click on the link here (smoothie recipes) to find all of the recipes. Enjoy!