Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Dance Routines

In P.E. we just finished our dance unit.  For their final assignment, students worked in groups to choreograph original routines using steps learned in class and their own creativity.  It was great to see wonderful teamwork and terrific performances. 

Please note: Unfortunately, one video does not have sound due to technical difficulties.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Mealworm Experiment

In Science, we have just begun our study of habitats. One of the first concepts we learned was that habitats have five key features:

-amount of light
-amount of water

To put this idea into practice, on Thursday we conducted an experiment to find out whether mealworms prefer a light or a dark habitat, and a wet or a dry habitat.  Mealworms like oatmeal, so for both parts of the experiments we put ten mealworms in a pan full of oatmeal.  

For the first part of the experiment, we covered half the pan with a board to create a dark habitat, and shone a light on the other half.  We put the mealworms in the middle of the pan and waited for three minutes.  Then we counted how many mealworms were on each side.  We did two trials and these were our results.
             Trial 1          Trial 2
Light         4                  1
Dark          6                  9               
For the second part of the experiment, we followed the same procedure, but this time we made half the pan wet and the other half dry.
              Trial 1           Trial 2
Wet          3                      0
Dry          7                     10
From our results, we were able to conclude that mealworms prefer a dark, dry habitat.

We conducted the experiment as a group, so after we finished, students got an opportunity to do some closer individual observation of the mealworms at their desks.  Some students even gave their mealworms names!


Mealworms eventually turn into beetles.  We will keep a few in the classroom, so we can watch this metamorphasis.  If you are in Division 9 and would like to take a mealworm home, remember to check with your parents, then bring a container to school on Tuesday.