Curriculum Links

Multiplication Games
Snowball Fight

World Continents and Oceans Game
Copycat Geography Game - National Geographic Kids
World Jigsaw Puzzle
Test Your Geography Knowledge - World Continents and Oceans
Purpose Games - Continents and Oceans

On-line Safety
Cyberbullying - Infinite Learning Lab (Professor Garfield)
Safety Land
Privacy Playground:  The First Adventure of the Three Cyber Pigs
SafeKids Quiz
Zoe and Molly Online

Food Chains
The Food Chain Game
Chain Reaction

Animal Adaptations
National Geographic - Arctic Game
How Animals Meet Their Needs Game -Harcourt School
Ecokids - Animal Adaptations

Global Citizens

Environment Canada
Yahoo Weather
The Weather Network

Fast Food Webquest
McDonald's Nutrition Centre
A&W Nutrition Facts
Wendy's Nutrition Info