Sunday, 4 March 2012

Weather Instruments

For the last two months, we have been studying weather in Science. A lot of what we have been learning about are weather instruments and how they are used to measure different weather elements. These are the different weather tools we have learned about during our unit and what they are used to measure:

thermometer - temperature
rain gauge - rainfall
snowboard & metre stick - snowfall
cloud cover chart - amount of clouds
weather vane - wind direction
anemometer - wind speed
Beaufort scale - effects of wind
barometer - air pressure

For many of the instruments, we made our own versions after using the standard ones. As often as I could, I took pictures of the students hard at work, but I didn't do such a good job of posting the photos regularly on the blog - oops! So instead, I've created a video to summarize some of our science activities over the last little while. Check it out below.

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