Saturday, 13 October 2012

Sensational Similes

This week, we have been learning about similes.  A simile is a writing technique where you compare two things using the words "like" or "as" in the sentence.  First we read the wonderful book Crazy Like a Fox written by Loreen Leedy.  It is a story written completely in similes, so it gave us a really good idea of what a simile was.
Next, it was time to write some similes of our own.  To get started, we needed to think of some common similes.  Examples might be "as hot as the sun" or "as dark as night".  Then came the fun part.  We needed to think of the most creative, unique similes we could.  Below are some of the sensational similes we created!
- as funny as a cat slapping another cat with a fish
-hot like a french fry fryer
-as angry as a lion getting robbed by a hyena
-hot like my forehead when I'm in Asia
-as brave as a dad
-white like a camouflaged polar bear
-as loud as an orchestra
-slow like my baby sister walking in the park
-quiet like kids napping after playing
-as hot as burning metal
-as fast as Usain Bolt
-annoying like a snoring dad
-as loud as little kids screaming at recess
-as angry as a cat when you pull its tail
-annoying like female mosquitoes (they're the ones who bite!)
-as slow as the solar system
-as brave as someone who fights a rhino
-as cold as the tundra
-hot like chili peppers
-annoying like forgetting to save in a video game


  1. I saw my simile. It was matt div 9

  2. those are really nice similes