Sunday, 9 December 2012

Organizing the Food Drive

Our class is in charge of a very important project at our school this month - organizing the annual holiday food drive in support of the Surrey Food Bank.  Did you know that over 15 000 people a month are helped by the Food Bank, and that 42% of those people are children and babies?  When we heard these statistics, we knew that it was very important to do something to help.  We spent all of last week in committees organizing various aspects of the food drive.

Creating a graph to keep track of  the food we collect.
Assigning which students will collect from which classes.
Writing announcements to read over the  P.A.
More announcers.
Creating a bulletin board display.
Folding and taping the boxes  for food collection.
Delivering the boxes (that's using your head!)
Writing a notice to go home with all students in the school.
Designing posters.

The food drive officially kicks of tomorrow, December 10, and runs until December 20.  Our goal is to collect 1 000 cans of food.  I know we can do it!

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