Wednesday, 23 April 2014

John Cabot

In Social Studies, we are learning about early European exploration of North America.  So far, we have talked about the Vikings and Christopher Columbus.  Next up is John Cabot.  He was an Italian explorer who sailed for England.  He arrived in North America in 1497, landing in Newfoundland.  He was excited for two reasons:
1)  He thought he had "found" another undiscovered part of The Indies.
2)  He found that there were tons of cod fish in the waters around Newfoundland.  This was a very useful resource to take back to England.

Below is a short video reenactment:

After his first trip, Cabot returned to England.  He then set sail with five ships on second voyage in 1498, but . . . he was never heard from again!  What happened to him and his crew remains a mystery.  What do you think happened?


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