Saturday, 17 May 2014

Smoothie Search Competition

In Health and Career Education we have been learning about healthy eating.  After completing a three-day food diary, we realized that many students needed more servings of fruits and vegetables to reach the six servings per day recommended by the Canadian Food Guide.  As a result, the great Division 9 Smoothie Search Competition was born!

 First, we decided on the criteria for a great smoothie:
-tastes good (and appealing to other senses too)
-provides servings of fruits and vegetables, and possibly dairy
-low in fat and added sugar
-easy to prepare

Once we knew what we were looking for, it was off to the computer lab to search for recipes.  After we found delicious-sounding recipes, we calculated the number of servings of fruits and vegetables they provide (along with servings for any other food groups as well).  Finally, we created posters to advertise our smoothies.

 Next, it was time to vote.  Each person got four stickers to put on their top four choices.  It was tough to decide!

When the votes were tallied, we had our four finalists:

Mango smoothie by Davin and Chantelle
Strawberry-Banana Concoction by Jia and Katja
Mixed Fruit Smoothie Delight by Jaisal
World's Best Smoothie by Dominic and Ryan

We were then ready for the best part, the taste testing!  We made all four smoothies, tried them and took tasting notes on each one.  They were all delicious!  (Thanks to our student photographers Hajir, Nathaniel, Eyuan and Jaisal for the photos of the smoothie-making process.)

 Finally, it was time to look over all of the tasting notes and vote for a winner.

And the first annual Division 9 Smoothie Search Champions are:

Ryan and Dominic with their "World's Best Smoothie". 
Congratulations, boys!

Stay tuned to the blog for a link to all of the smoothie recipes coming soon.


  1. the smoothies were awesome! i voted for the MANGO SMOOTHIE. but there was one smoothie that did not taste that good, it had a weird taste. NOTE: NO PUT DOWNS TO THAT SMOOTHIE.p.s. MS.BIRDSALL ROCKS! khushi khushleen

    1. Oh, thanks Khushi. It was great Chantelle and I came in second. Those nasty boys stole the trophy! (Just kidding.)

  2. Ms.Birdsall! Why did you do that without me?! :3 Just kidding! Cool project! I wish I could've done it!

  3. This competition seems interesting! It is good that students can discover new things that they can do to make the best smoothie. Wish I can also try the smoothies. Hahaha... Anyway, glad that you shared this to us. I enjoyed reading it.