Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Eggshell Ornaments

Yesterday we got into the festive spirit making eggshell ornaments.  We were lucky to have retired teacher Mrs. Shaefer come to our class to teach us this very special activity.  Thanks, Mrs. Shaefer!

We rotated through stations to put glitter in the background, create a diorama inside the egg, get ribbon and beads glued around the outside and finally attach a string to hang it.  We were fortunate to have Shayoni's grandma and Menura's mom come to help us too. (Ms. Birdsall doesn't have too many photos of the stations because she was too busy with the glue gun!)

 It was a fun afternoon and the ornaments turned out beautifully!


  1. The eggshells ornaments turned out so beautiful! Good job everyone! Mat's mom

  2. Making eggshell ornaments was so much fun! I put mine on our Christmas tree. Thank you ms.B and merry Christmas! Trista

  3. That was really fun! :D

  4. that's a nice job.