Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Poetry - "My Heart Soars"

Today our poem of the week was "My Heart Soars" by Chief Dan George.  Learning about Aboriginal cultures is a big part of our curriculum, so this poem was a perfect fit for us.

First, we were given a copy of the poem with many of the words blanked out.  We needed to write a word that we thought would fit for each blank.  After sharing our ideas, we read the original poem together as a class.  We also talked about the theme (the big idea) of the poem.  We decided that the theme was loving nature.  Next, like every week, we got together with our poem partner and practiced reading the poem aloud several times to build our fluency.  Each week one or two pairs are picked at random to recite the week's poem in front of the class after the partner practice.  This week, Jasmine and Ryan A., and Alta and Armaan were chosen.  You can hear their recitations below.  Enjoy!

My Heart Soars - Jasmine & Ryan A. (mp3)

My Heart Soars -Alta & Armaan (mp3)

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