Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Learning about Light

Currently in Science we are learning about light.  In particular, we're talking about the properties of light, or the way light "behaves". 

The first thing we discovered is that light always travels in a straight line.  We tested out this property by lining up four cards with holes punched out of the middles.  Then, we shined a flashlight at the first card, and observed how the light could travel all the way to the last hole and beyond.  Next, we tried moving one of the cards slightly.  We saw that when we did this, the light would be blocked by this card and it would not shine through to the cards behind.  This is because the light could not bend to go through the hole of the card that wasn't lined up properly.


The other property of light we have explored is how light behaves when it hits different materials.  We learned that some materials are transparent.  The light passes straight through so you can see clearly through the material.  Water is transparent.  Other materials are translucent.  This means that light can travel through the material, but the angle of the light changes so when you look through the object, it looks blurry.  A milk jug is translucent.  Finally, some materials are opaque.  The light is absorbed by the material, so you can't see through it at all.  A wooden door is opaque.  We tested many different materials and classified them as transparent, translucent or opaque.


 What is an interesting fact you have learned about light?

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