Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sensational Similes

In Language Arts over the last couple of weeks, we have begun exploring techniques to make our writing more interesting for our readers.  One technique we have learned is how to use similes.  A similes is when you compare two things using the words like or as.  Using a simile can help make a picture in your reader's mind.  Here are some examples of the sensational similes we created:

As brave as my dad wrestling a jaguar – James
As fun as a bouncy castle – Menura
Loud like a monster truck roaring its engine – Trista 
As loud as an Arctic wolf howling – Jessica
As boring as a joke that’s not funny – Erika 
Annoying like crying all day – Justin
Annoying like the horrible sound of Velcro – Erreeze 
Hot like a summer day in California – Leah
As brave as a bear – Kayla 
Rough like my sister - Alyssa
Quiet like a tree – Drin 
As angry as a defeated wrestler – Nisha
As brave as Puss ‘n Boots – Shayoni 
As angry as Godzilla – Jeco
Slow like starfish – Najla 
As boring as my dad using Facebook – James
Hot like when the Sun burns, rising in the sky – Liliana 
Rough like rocky road ice cream – Matheus
As boring as the white nothingness of the wall – Matisse  
As black as a PS3 – Jonas  
Slow like a computer with a virus – Julie 
As brave as a walrus fighting for its life – Marcus

As boring as watching a security camera – Trinity 
As hot as being inside an oven on the Sun – Amrit 
As annoying as wrestling a shark - Kallina


  1. There all so cool


  2. Great similes -Erreeze

  3. The one that I like the most was James' and my mom liked all of them.