Friday, 14 November 2014

The Light Spectrum

Today in Science we were learning about the light spectrum.  A light spectrum is a band of colours.  The spectrum can be split into its different colours using a prism.  When light enters a prism (a piece of clear glass or plastic), each colour of light is refracted (bent) at a slightly different angle, so we can see the different colours.  When you see  a rainbow in the sky, the raindrops are refracting the sunlight and creating the rainbow.

We we got to explore these ideas at several different stations.  Check out the photos below to see us doing this hands-on learning.

Using Prisms

Using Spectroscopes and  Spectrum Glasses


Using CDs and Flashlights

 Using Bubbles

 Using a Water Prism

 If you are in Division 9, which was your favourite station?  Why?


  1. bubbles because you get to play outside

  2. Thanks for sharing! What a great way to learn about light!

  3. I also liked bubbles too because we got to go outside-Erreeze