Saturday, 14 January 2012

Deep-Thinking Questions

For me the key to learning is curiosity.  I love to see students wonder about the world and nothing makes me more excited when I'm teaching than a juicy question!

Recently, we have begun to really dive into deep-thinking questions in our classroom.  We just read the fantastic book Q is for Question by Tiffany Poirier.  This is a book of philosophy for children that focuses on many deep issues like utopia, truth, and nature versus nurture.
After reading the book, each student wrote his/her own deep-thinking question, something that they have always wondered.  Here are their questions:

Why do people and all living things exist? -Pawan
Who made light? -Navi
What if there was no gravity? -Hareum
Why is the Earth bigger than some planets? -Nathan 
How was any living thing created? -Steven
If the world is so great, why is there war? -Roy
Why is Pluto a dwarf planet and not a normal planet? -Jayda
What makes people good or bad? -Michelle
What if the sun blacked out? -Langson
Why do birds chirp? -Ryan W.
Why do flowers have pollen in them? -Madison 
If the sky is blue, why is space black? -Jordan
Will everything ever be free so poor people can buy everything they want? -Juliet
Why doesn’t life exist on other planets? -Jasmine
Why is pollution bad for the environment? -Mario
When is the world going to end? -Aero
What if there are no black holes in space? -Alexandra
Will scientists be able to create new things? -Franchesca
Why are there trees everywhere? -Alena
What would it be like if humans were animals and animals were humans? -Ryan A.
What if everyone lived forever? -Alta 

What do you wonder?  We would love to read your deep-thinking questions in our comments section!


  1. Hi Ms Birdsall! I like how you put everybody's deep thinking question on the blog!I love science!!!!!!!!!~Pawan~

  2. Hi Ms Birdsall those deep thinking questions are so good I bet nobody can answer them!

  3. I really like all the deep thinking questons and my brother answered all the questions!!!!!!!Jasmine

  4. Good Evening Ms.Birdsall. I was really focused on the question that Steven asked. It was really confusing and everybody in my house couldn't answer it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jasmine

  5. Wow this is really cool how everyone's questions are in differnt colours. -Michelle-

    1. I so agree with you! I love all the colours, they remind of skittles :D


  6. Hi Ms. Birdsall I really like everybodys deep thinking questions.It takes me so much time to just answer one question. I like Jayda's question and I think I know the answer for that6 question. It is because Pluto is a very tiny planet. That's why Pluto is a dwarf planet and not a normal planet!!I love sicence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Hi Ms Birdsall!! I think that the deep thinking questions really are deep thinking questions because most of them are not answerable. Jayda's we can answer because we know the answer but it's still a deep thinking question. I hope we could even do the same thing with math problems or something else!


  8. Hello Ms. Birdsall and the grade 4 students! Thank you for reading my--I am very impressed by your own questions! Keep up the wonderful work and happy questioning! -Tiffany Poirier

    1. Dear Ms. Poirier,

      Thank you so much for visiting our blog and leaving us a comment. We loved your book and we can't believe you found our blog and read our questions too! Thanks again.