Saturday, 21 January 2012

Inuit Wordle

In Social Studies, we have just finished our unit on the Inuit. As one of our final activities, Ms. Birdsall asked each of us to write down ten words to show what we had learned about the Inuit. Using these words, she created the word cloud below using the cool Web 2.0 tool, Wordle( The size of each word is determined by how often it was mentioned. For example, everyone wrote down Inuit as his/her first word, so that is why it is so large in the Wordle.
Wordle: Inuit
If you double click on the Wordle image, you will be able to see a bigger version.


  1. The Inuit Wordle is really amazing Ms.Birdsall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jasmine

  2. The Inuit wordle reminds me of another wordle but I don't know what it's called and the Inuit wordle is awesome!!!


  3. Ms. Birdsall the Inuit Wordle was awesome!!!! I think everyone's word was very important to all the Inuit that lives in the past!! There was a word that I think it's the most important word for all Inuit. But I just can't remeber it.


  4. Wow I love the Inuit Wordle! I also really like how the words were arranged. ~Michelle~

  5. its a really cool wordle and it does remind me of a..............phrase wordle that i saw before to!