Thursday, 12 April 2012

Canuck Day

Yesterday was the start of the NHL playoffs, and our beloved Vancouver Canucks are playing the L.A. Kings in the first round.  (Unfortunately they lost 4-2 last night but we know they'll do better on Friday!).  To celebrate the playoffs, it was Canuck Day at the school.  Everyone was encouraged to wear their Canuck gear or the team colours of blue, white and green.  There was a special assembly, and even delicious donuts covered in Canuck-coloured sprinkles!  (Thanks, Mrs. McFarlane!)  Here we are, ready to cheer on the team.  Go, Canucks, Go!


  1. Wow!I loved Canucks Day and I love the Canucks! But I'm sad that they lost! I almost watch all the games! But since they might switch Luongo with sombody eles... I wish they trade him with Tim Thomos!! ~Juliet~

  2. Hi Ms Birdsall! I wish it was Canuck Day every day!! Now that the Canucks are out of the playoffs I am really sad. I LOVE THE VANCOUVER CANUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!