Thursday, 12 April 2012

Dance, Dance, Dance

We have just wrapped up our dance unit in P.E.  At the beginning of the unit, we learned several basic hip hop moves and practiced them to different songs.  Once we had mastered a number of steps, we learned a short routine as a class, and performed it in smaller groups.  This gave us an idea of how a routine should be put together.  We talked about the importance of having a variety of steps, levels and formations.  Finally, it was time to put together our own dances to show what we had learned!  All the groups showed great teamwork and creativity while choreographing and practicing their routines.  Check out the final performances below.


  1. Wow! What fantastic choreographers you all are. I'm very impressed with your groovy moves! I bet that was such a fun activity to do and it looks like you worked very well with each other and co-operated to come up with a great final product. Good job!

    Love Mrs G (from The Smarties)

  2. There so really cool Ms.Birdsall And I'm not joking and this I really mean it[Your the most wonderful teacher ever]

    1. I loved the videos!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I love the videos because we all came up with a bunch of cool new moves and poses. I loved all the dances because also everyone was on the beat and really in to the music and stuff. Ms birdsall you did a great job video taping Jayda

  4. Wow! I loved how they turned out! Thanks Ms.B!

    Michelle! :)

  5. I like your dance moves alot. The dance moves were very crative. I liked it alot.