Sunday, 17 February 2013

Dance Routines

We have been doing a creative dance unit in P.E.  First, we learned several different hip hop moves (Ms. B sure looked funny trying to dance hip hop with her giant pregnant belly!).  Next, Ms. B put some of the steps together to form a short dance which we practiced as a class.  Finally, it was our turn to create our own group routines.  Below are the videos of our final performances.  As you can see we worked hard!  

(Note:  We aren't a all-girls class!  It's just that some of the boys in the boys' dance don't have permission to have their photos on the blog, so their video is not here).

What is your favourite kind of dance to do?

1 comment:

  1. ~Kaylee

    Oh no! I look like a pink dancing stranger! It looks like I'm so nervous! NOOOOO!!!!! I love the music! And I have no favourite dance. I just like to dance freely!

    ~Keep the silly!